Ahmed ElSayed Ahmed Salama Ayman Abdel-Hameed Mohamed Al-Khazendar Mohamed Amir

Our Story

QuinDev is a software development company established in one of the most beautiful cities in the region of the Mediterranean; Alexandria, Egypt. The company was founded in 2008 by five engineers graduated from the nation-wide prestigious Alexandria University. With a clear distinct vision, it was obvious they needed to start their own company.

Those five engineers, or Quintet of Developers as they call themselves, decided to achieve their vision after two years of their graduation. During those couple of years, each gained different experiences and has extended his skills in many technical and personal directions. After that, they gathered, shared their knowledge and experiences and finally launched QuinDev.

Our work concentrates mainly on rapid-growing technology; especially Embedded Systems.

Our Guidelines

Despite their diversity of experiences, the Quintet that established QuinDev share Quintet of Guidelines that are considered before taking any action.

1- The Society Added Value. We always focus on adding some value to the society by either making the technology available to more people or by innovatively making use of the pre-deployed technology to provide non-standard solutions to daily life problems.

2- The Challenge. We like brain teasers. Yes, we really do! Solving tough problems is our greatest source of amusement and we enjoy using our knowledge and skills to solve technically-challenging problems.

3- The Science. We adore learning and have been keen-learners for a long time. We find learning new technologies, methodologies, and even topics from fields other than Computer Science pleasurable.

4- The Enthusiasm. We agreed on this guideline from the first day: " we must be enthusiastic ". If we aren't enthusiastic, we first work hard to reach our enthusiasm and then start our work. We know that this is the main reason behind our success.

5- The Enjoyment. We enjoy being in QuinDev and enjoy working together. We make parties, travel on some weekends and have BBQs. This is our life, and this is how we like to spend it.